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I’m not entirely sure to what extent Tumblr would be considered a blog, but that’s what I’ve had since 2009. It is probably the website I use the most right now; definitely more than Facebook or Twitter. I have active public and private blogs on Tumblr. My public blog is mostly reblogged posts from other users, but I have a “personal” tag for posts written by me. My private Tumblr, however, are almost all my own posts. I use it as a journal, so it’s password protected. My public blog has a modest following, I suppose, and definitely has more activity than my private one.

I used WordPress for about a year in 2009 as a journal as well. (This was before I used my private Tumblr.) The interface was different from what it is today. My posts were all texts posts, and they were pretty formal in comparison to what I’d write on Tumblr. I deleted that blog before I attempted to gain a following.

However, I would say the most experience I’ve had in blogging began back in 2005. I was in middle school and had just begun using the Internet. My friends and I used to go on the now-extinct Xanga. My only followers were my friends, but Xanga definitely gave me the best understanding of how blogs work, as informal as they were.  I used multiple accounts on Xanga since then; I had a different username for every year, I believe. My posts were mainly about my personal life. They’re pretty nostalgic for me, so after Xanga was shut down a few years ago, I achieved my posts and currently have them downloaded on my hard-drive.

Now I’ve come back around, searching for a way to write about my personal life outside of the rants on my private Tumblr. I enjoy the WordPress platform, but I’m also thinking about making a website (after I learn to code and all that). My thoughts on formally blogging are all up in the air right now, but I’m looking forward to figuring more out about it.