RU Admissions Blog Posting Schedule

Guidelines: Posts on the RU Admissions blog should be approx. 500 words long and include at least one relevant image. On the week that you’re scheduled to post, you only have to do one of your required two personal blog posts. That way, you don’t have any extra work. 

Week of 9/29: Rebecca Rice and Jade Gilliard-Boyle

Week of 10/6: Valeriya Gershteyn and Erin Conlon

Week of 10/13: Carmen Liu and Justin Wong

Week of 10/20: Ashley Vega and Rocky Trifari

Week of 10/27: Brooke Sassman and Dan Park

Week of 11/3: Gab Mabalo and Juliana Lee

Week of 11/10: Jeremy Freidman, Hector Molina, and Krupal Suthar

Week of 11/17: Seyvona Forrester, Jess Clark, and Darlene Drum


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