Critical Readings/HW

For 9/15: (1) Read “Internet-Age Writing Syllabus and Course Overview“. Think about your reaction to this “syllabus” – what do you think is true or untrue about it? Is there anything you would add or change to have more impact as a satire? (2) In a blog post of about 250 words, answer the following question: What did you already know about blogs before enrolling in this course? (3) Brainstorm three possible topic ideas for your individual blog.

For 9/22: (1) Comment on Jess and Darlene’s posts (min. 200 words each comment). (2) Read “Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Man” and be prepared to discuss. Barger’s website no longer exists, but you can view an archived version of it here to get a better idea. (3) Work on your personal blog.

For 9/29: (1) Comment on Seyvona and Hector’s posts (2) Write a rough thesis statement for your final paper and post on the course blog by next Monday – put in category “Thesis Statements” (see Tips for Writing Thesis Statements if you’re lost) (3) Read “How the Internet Created an Age of Rage” (4) Leave one comment per blog by your classmates (you can use your RSS reader or WordPress reader to see all the blogs) (5) Complete any unfinished work from class

For 10/6: (1) Comment on Jeremy and Juliana’s blog posts (2) Revise your thesis statement (I’ll post a comment on your thesis statement by the evening of 9/29) – post your revised thesis statement as a reply to my comment (3) Post your first annotated bibliography (see here for a refresher/explanation OR look at examples from past students). Make sure to include in category “Annotated Bibs.” (4) Read “Into the Age of Iron Whim” (pgs. 285-292 in the PDF) by Marshall McLuhan, who was writing in the 1960s (Think “Mad Men” era). McLuhan is writing about typewriters but think about how his essay might be relevant to blogging and digital media.

For 10/13: (1) Comment on Gab and Dan’s posts (2) Post second annotated bibliography. (3) For your partner’s fairy tale from class, adjust the fonts throughout the Microsoft Word document to match the tone and mood. Print completed story and bring to class. (4) Read “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe (5) Comment on three posts from your classmates’ blogs

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: On Tuesday, 10/7 from 4:30-6 PM, in Murray Hall 302, I will be doing a literary reading with fellow Rutgers creative writing faculty Belinda McKeon and Paul Blaney. If you attend the reading and post a 500-word reflection on the course blog, then you can get a pass on doing one personal blog post this semester. I’d love for you to be there anyway!

For 10/20: (1) I left comments on your revised thesis statements. Some of you still have some tweaking to do. Please respond with new revision if I asked for one. (2) Comment on Rebecca and Brooke’s posts (3) Annotated bib #3: For this week’s annotated bibliography, your source will be an interview that you conduct with someone, either reasonably knowledgeable about your topic or someone who could at least provide insightful answers. See how to cite interview. (4) Read “Life As Instant Replay, Over and Over Again” (5) Write a 500-word critique of the writing on your partner’s blog. Describe the style and the content. What could be done differently or better? Think of writing visually as well – how does it look on the page? Please print (double spaced) and bring to class, put your partner’s name on it, but DO NOT put your name on it.

For 10/27: (1) Comment on Rocky and Krupal’s blog posts (2) Annotated bib #4 (3) Read “Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide” and “7 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Collaborative Blog

For 11/3: (1) Comment on Valeriya and Justin’s blog posts (2) Annotated bib #5 (3) Read “How Bleacher Report Made Crap Journalism Pay

For 11/10: (1) Comment on Carmen and Erin’s blog posts (2) Annotated bib #6 (3) Read “Research Reveals Popularity of Live Blogging” and “The Dangers of Unverified Content…

For 11/17: (1) Comment on Ashley and Jade’s posts (2) Annotated bib #7 (3) Read “Anonymous Blogging 101

ROUGH DRAFT OF FINAL PAPER DUE 11/24. Your essay must be a full five pages long, be formatted in MLA style using proper in-text citations, and include a works cited page. The thesis statement should be one sentence, the final sentence in your intro. paragraph, and underlined. Your do not need to include all your annotated bib sources, but you must include five sources (one interview and one print source). Essays must be e-mailed to me lawirstiuk [at] gmail [dot] com by 11:59 PM. For each day your rough draft is late, you will receive half-step grade deductions from final essay grade [A will become B+, B+ will become B, etc.]. 

For 12/1: (1) Prepare for final presentations

For 12/8: (1) Complete and print final essays. Bring to class. No e-mailed essays will be accepted. Late essays will have points deducted. (2) Prepare to informally present to the class: What is one thing you learned from writing your essay and “teach” it to your classmates. Shoot for about two minutes.

1 thought on “Critical Readings/HW”

  1. Hey Jess I really enjoyed your critical response to the “Syllabus”. I think both our perspectives on social media and on what the author was trying display in this satire, really align together. Social media has definitely taken a lot away and also “added” to how social interaction is currently. I recently deactivated my Facebook due to this because I just felt that it was a huge distraction and initially affecting how I would communicate with others. This fake syllabus definitely did a great job sarcastically pointing out the flaws about social media. However, I’m really glad that you got the other side of the spectrum of what I thought the author was trying to portray. Although social media has changed our daily interactions, it doesn’t mean everything is necessarily a negative thing. This is a part of life that we must accept and work with and modify our interactions as growing and modern people. Much like you stated there are many job opportunities that don’t take away from ones creativity. Social media is a new palette to display your creativity in different ways. Also regardless of if it is negative or positive it is a part of life and we as people who live in this life must adjust accordingly.


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