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$ for your blog

The process in which I would monetize for my blog would definitely start off with donations. To start off I would ask for donations for an idea that people align with. I don’t think starting with ad’s would be smart because ad’s are only useful if you already have a large viewership. No on would click it if no one knows about your blog. I would change my blog style to maybe more original music, so that I could actually sell the music. However, like mentioned before I wouldn’t really try and monetize my blog until I got a more consistent readership. The reason is I wouldn’t want my readers to be bogged down with ad’s when I barely have a readership to begin with. When I have enough leverage (and that is the key word here: leverage) I would start advertising for myself and give a product that is worth buying. However, if i were to do ad’s I would definitely have to focus around music because that’s my audience (itunes, etc.)

Monetizing my blog



UnknownTo monetize my blog I would go with the Google Adsense one, specifically the pay per click advertisement. I think that is a great way to collect revenue especially if my blog gets a lot of traffic. I think this would work best for me as a blogger because I would not have to pay anything, instead I would be the one to get paid. I would like for companies that relate to my topic to be advertised on my blog. Anything that has to do with the my content would be acceptable. I also like the idea of the ads appearing as banners on the side rather than pop ups. I don’t think my readers would be too distracted or get annoyed by the ads. I may even consider guest posting for a corporate blog or income generating website.

Monetizing a blog

If i was monetizing my blog the ones I could see myself applying are mainly donations. Being a fitness blog that incorporates a lot of my personal experience will only make sense to ask for donations. Along with donations I’ll defiantly include ads that has to do with fitness. For example, including ads for Nike shoes. Pay-per-click(PPC) sounds like it’ll benefit my fitness blog since google automatically targets site content and ones audience. All together, donations and ads I feel is enough to have throughout my blog as I wouldn’t want to cram it and make my followers feel all I want is money.

Monetizing My Blog



If you could choose one or more than one way to monetize your personal blog, what would you choose? What would work best for you as a blogger?

I believe the best way to monetize my personal blog would be through advertisements by pay-per-click. I would allow companies and brands to display their advertisements on my blog based on certain topics covered in my blog posts. My blog posts generally discuss a lot of information about what I am overhearing at Rutgers and describing where I am. For Rutgers, for example, I can advertise apparel websites. If Scarlet Fever wants to advertise their clothing, and I am discussing a story about how I overheard a comment made on College Avenue or at that particular store, the advertisement that would come up would relate to Scarlet Fever.

I could also advertise football tickets or other things for Rutgers based on the location of the event or campus mentioned, thus bringing in money for every click made on the Rutgers advertisement. I think that because I am talking about a lot of the things I am overhearing at my college and my audience would probably be mainly Rutgers students, the advertisements would be clicked.

One of my blog posts also covered Halloween costumes and the ignorance I found online. Relating to that blog post, it would be easy to advertise for a company such as Party City because I am discussing Halloween. With posts that are more general that cover topics of what I saw online or a scandal in the news that I hear being discussed, I can easily advertise for bigger names because of my content in that particular post.

Not only would my content have ads that readers should click, but I would also just display certain ads to be paid by pay-per-impression so that at least the ad is being seen by a reader.

I also could guest post for corporate companies, only if they are not something being discussed about on my blog. I also would not post for a company currently in the spotlight for something that I would argue against. They would have to be in good standing socially for me to guest blog.

Monetizing my blog


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There are many ways i can monetize my blog. i could get some advertisement on my blog. But i don’t think companies are going to pay me. Because my blog is not that popular. So i’m gonna have to go with google adsense. But before that i have to make my blog more popular and write good. I think my ideas are good but my way of writing (sentence structure) is not that good. So i’m gonna have to make my blog look more professional. Or get it checked by some English major before i make a post. So it doesn’t look like a teenager’s blog. Because even if i generate more people to click on my page i wouldn’t make them revisit my page. So that’s bad.

Final note, best strategy for me is to put lots of tags so i show up on top of search list and then i can get make money of PPC advertisements.



Monetizing my medical blog


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Since the purpose of my blog is to retain a more holistic and ethical view of medicine by being part of the online medical blogging community, monetization is not a major facet of the blogging experience for me. In the long run, I hope the blog helps open doors to career opportunities and interesting connections to other physicians withs the same technological mindset.

If I were to monetize my blog, the best way I can think of doing so at the current moment, while I am still a student, is to build an audience of students and then approach testing centers and study aids (such as Princeton Review or Exam Crackers) to place PPC ads for their books on my page, if I used them to study. I would also write posts about how I used these resources to study for my MCAT or USMLE exams. I think this is a good way to maintain the blog’s integrity while also making some side money. I would, of course, tell my readers that I used these products before I approached the advertisers, and I would also inform my readers that if they do plan to purchase these books that I have recommended, to do so via a click on my ads so that I could earn some money in the process.

Potentially, if I were to keep this blog until I became a full physician and had the passion to write more about a specific topic, I would write a book and advertise that on my site as well. The ultimate boon would be if my blog allowed me to be a considered an expert in a certain sub-field of medicine, like Dr. Bernard Mesko is with regard to extreme medical futurism. Such expertise could lead to paid conference requests, talks at universities or hospitals. While that is a lofty goal, it would be the most ideal way to monetize the blog without losing the trust of my readers.

Monetizing The Pinning Nanny


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If I were to choose to monetize my blog I would most likely choose Google Adsense, at least at present. I think this would be a good choice for me right now because I do not know much about technological matters and so having someone else do the technological work for me would be best. I think that I use keywords in my post and so Google would be able to provide me with appropriate ads. As time goes on though and I cultivate my blog more I think I would like to do sponsorships/partnerships to monetize my blog. I think sponsorships/partnerships would be a good idea because I could sponsor with companies that appeal to crafting and children.I see a lot of nanny/mom blogs that so sponsorships/partnerships and so for that reason I also think that my type of blog would work well with a sponsorship/partnership.

Monetizing a blog

Since I am just a beginner blogger, it would be nice to drive some traffic so that my blog is known. My blog is a do it yourself blog. I use sometimes crafts from Michael’s or AC Moore. Or other times I use groceries when I am making food. Therefore, I feel like I could easily monetize a blog by corporate sponsorships/partnerships. I could use the crafts or supplies from that company to make my project, reviewing what I liked and didn’t like about it. One of the tips that I gave for preventing blogging burnout was guest blogging. I would also guest-post for corporate blogs. This is a simple and great way to earn money or even to keep the product for free after use.

Another method of monetizing a blog is PPC which stands for Pay-per-click. This means that advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. This is something that I may plan to do when my blog is settled in and more traffic is driven. My blog is still young and immature; therefore, it would be better if I waited a while to try to make it more presentable where advertisers will WANT to advertise on my blog.

PPI is Pay-per-impression, which is when the blogger pays the advertiser when someone clicks on the ad. This is a good way to get you name out if you have the money. This can be used as a starter. Personally, I would not use this because I am broke right now.

Monetizing Spoticar


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I think that having Spotify affiliate ads would work the best for my personal blog. Since I feature Spotify playlists and embed the Spotify player in each of my posts, it makes sense that I should earn profit every time someone clicks on a song in the Spotify player or opens up the application on their computer or Spotify web player. Essentially, my blog will help increase Spotify’s traffic by offering a more personalized feel of Spotify – helping users narrow down their search for new music. In addition, these users may be more likely to become Spotify premium users which increases Spotify’s profit and Spotify itself will profit from more viewers that listen to or click on the ads they display on the application itself. All in all, my personal blog could be very helpful in advertising Spotify so a partnership with Spotify would be beneficial for my blog and the company itself.

Monetizing a Blog About Student Internships

I think that monetizing my own personal blog would be done most effectively by selling a product and/or offering a service. Selling items such as notebooks, planners, etc. would be a great way of keeping people organized in their internships and also engaged in my blog. In terms of offering a service, this would be a great opportunity to offer my own advice or the advice of a professional willing to speak with student interns. It would function like a consultation and allow students to ask questions that they have about the process of interning.

I think this would work best for me as a blogger because my site is mostly used to give other people advice and allow them to learn from the mistakes that I’ve made. I think that I could also benefit from having professionals guest blog for my site. This would excite readers because they’d be consuming something other than what they’re used to and also getting the chance to look at interning from another perspective. For my blog, donations and display ads would probably be the least useful at this time. SEO is also something that I’m more interested in learning about because I think it can really help boost a blog’s views.