I’m not gonna lie I don’t have too much experience with blogs overall. However, I’m not 100% new to what blogging is. I’ve commented and posted on blogs for school and teachers and stuff before but I’ve never really created one myself before. I think I was relatively close when designing a website for one of my computer classes, but the point is I’m fairly new to blogging. I have seen a fair share of blogs so I have a decent idea of what is to be expected of my blog and this class as a whole. In terms of the behind the scenes how to make and do stuff it appears fairly straightforward to me so I hope i can figure the harder stuff out as they come by. The only thing that will probably get me is advertising my blog. I don’t know how i’m going to be able to get others to read my blog without looking really desperate and like begging lol. Hopefully there will be other methods to entice others to check out what you have to offer. But pretty much all I know about blogs is that they are a way for you and others to express their ideas and opinions about a particular subject. What makes it so powerful is the comments aspect simply because it allows the outside world to respond to your blog posts thus producing an online environment of perspectives. Even though I may not have much experience creating and updating blogs, I’m hoping to learn a lot from this class and my peers about blogging.