What is a blog? I think a blog is a creative template where the blogger can express anything they want: passions, interests, venting, etc. It is the modern day journal or diary, which you can publicize or keep personal and private. Technology and media has advanced so far that the term blog is so generalized that you could use a blog for about anything you want. It is a creative tool box; you can use the different types of tools to build whatever you want. That work you can just make it for your own personal satisfaction, or you can show the world and see how the world reacts to it.

My few experiences with blogging dated back to when Xanga was popular. Initially, I blogged because it was the popular thing to do. Also when Xanga was popular I was too young to really utilize the creativity of my mind and to effectively use the blog as the tool to express that creativity. My next experience with blogging was Tumblr, which I still use today. I started Tumblr when I was in high school so once I got used to how the website worked I was able to really use it for a personal expression. I used it publicly so it was nice seeing positive reactions to my posts and photos. I realized though that even after one class that my idea of blogging (which is only tumblr) was not the only way. You can specify and even make weekly topics and almost make it like a T.V. show. This brings me back to my point that blogging is not limited to anything and can be used for anything your creativity desires.