Seyvona, Hector, Jade

1. Outline Content of Your Blog

Make sure you know what you want your blog to include and plan out what your posts will have.

2. Create a posting schedule

In order to make sure that you have time to commit to your blog and have a schedule of when to post in order to not get too busy when it is time to post.

3. Research your topic

Having research for your topic makes it easier to create a fulfilling post that includes a substantial amount of content.

4. Stick to the Posting Schedule

Make sure you plan out your time correctly so you do not feel burned out when you need to get blog posts out to the public.

5. Switch up your Environment

Try blogging in different environments. Change up the location so that you feel inspired by new scenery and can keep blogging.

6. Plan Topics in Advances

Having topics planned gives you an archive to look back on to find material to use for your blog if you are feeling like you have no new material to post.

7. Do not get discouraged

Negative comments does not mean you are doing a bad job, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, do not get discouraged if you are not receiving a lot of feedbag. You can have ghost visitors who just do not comment on your post.

8. Use social networks to promote your blog

Try to spread the word about your blog if you are ready to go public.

9. Practice before going public

Make sure you get into the swing of blogging before you actually sign up for a blog domain name. You want to make sure this is the blog you can keep up with.

10. Have fun!

Enjoy your blogging experience, if you are not passionate about your post then no one will enjoy your content. If you do not have fun while you blog, you may become less motivated.