Monetizing my blog would be a great way to make some additional money along-side my part-time job.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of my blog and the type of audience I have, certain strategies would probably prove to be ineffective. For example, I don’t believe I would be able to use sponsored social media posts because I don’t foresee any specific companies wishing to partner with my blog.

Though I could push for donations on PayPal, I am also doubtful that anyone would make a contribution to my blog. I feel most online donations are made to charities and/or people with large followings that have a story behind why they need the money. I don’t know if random people would be willing to donate money to me just for the sake of supporting both me and my blog.

For these reasons, I think the only practical monetization strategy for my blog would be utilizing affiliate ads. I’ve discussed products on Amazon in the past and linked to Amazon.com in those posts. Had I signed up for something like the Amazon Associates or eBay Affiliates, I could have attached a custom link that I could possibly profit off of should any of my readers use that link to make a purchase.

Another very practical option is the possibility of publishing and selling an e-book on my blog. This is actually something I have considered and would like to possibly do one-day. This would be my ideal way of making money because I feel like there’s something sneaky behind using affiliate links (even if it’s outright stated) whereas selling an e-book is no different from any other form of earning cash for something you worked on yourself.