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Since the purpose of my blog is to retain a more holistic and ethical view of medicine by being part of the online medical blogging community, monetization is not a major facet of the blogging experience for me. In the long run, I hope the blog helps open doors to career opportunities and interesting connections to other physicians withs the same technological mindset.

If I were to monetize my blog, the best way I can think of doing so at the current moment, while I am still a student, is to build an audience of students and then approach testing centers and study aids (such as Princeton Review or Exam Crackers) to place PPC ads for their books on my page, if I used them to study. I would also write posts about how I used these resources to study for my MCAT or USMLE exams. I think this is a good way to maintain the blog’s integrity while also making some side money. I would, of course, tell my readers that I used these products before I approached the advertisers, and I would also inform my readers that if they do plan to purchase these books that I have recommended, to do so via a click on my ads so that I could earn some money in the process.

Potentially, if I were to keep this blog until I became a full physician and had the passion to write more about a specific topic, I would write a book and advertise that on my site as well. The ultimate boon would be if my blog allowed me to be a considered an expert in a certain sub-field of medicine, like Dr. Bernard Mesko is with regard to extreme medical futurism. Such expertise could lead to paid conference requests, talks at universities or hospitals. While that is a lofty goal, it would be the most ideal way to monetize the blog without losing the trust of my readers.