If you could choose one or more than one way to monetize your personal blog, what would you choose? What would work best for you as a blogger?

I believe the best way to monetize my personal blog would be through advertisements by pay-per-click. I would allow companies and brands to display their advertisements on my blog based on certain topics covered in my blog posts. My blog posts generally discuss a lot of information about what I am overhearing at Rutgers and describing where I am. For Rutgers, for example, I can advertise apparel websites. If Scarlet Fever wants to advertise their clothing, and I am discussing a story about how I overheard a comment made on College Avenue or at that particular store, the advertisement that would come up would relate to Scarlet Fever.

I could also advertise football tickets or other things for Rutgers based on the location of the event or campus mentioned, thus bringing in money for every click made on the Rutgers advertisement. I think that because I am talking about a lot of the things I am overhearing at my college and my audience would probably be mainly Rutgers students, the advertisements would be clicked.

One of my blog posts also covered Halloween costumes and the ignorance I found online. Relating to that blog post, it would be easy to advertise for a company such as Party City because I am discussing Halloween. With posts that are more general that cover topics of what I saw online or a scandal in the news that I hear being discussed, I can easily advertise for bigger names because of my content in that particular post.

Not only would my content have ads that readers should click, but I would also just display certain ads to be paid by pay-per-impression so that at least the ad is being seen by a reader.

I also could guest post for corporate companies, only if they are not something being discussed about on my blog. I also would not post for a company currently in the spotlight for something that I would argue against. They would have to be in good standing socially for me to guest blog.