If I were to try and monetize my own personal blog, I first would try to incorporate sponsored social media posts.  I feel that on social media in general, there are many “throwbacks” throughout Twitter, Facebook, etc.  For this reason, I believe that this kind of technique would work well with my blog which is about all things 90s.  I would also try and write an e-book and then sell it through my blog because I think there is so much material on my topic and so many different things to talk about that it could create an interesting book.  I also think because so many people still like talking about the 90s, there is the potential to create and sell merchandise surrounding my blog if it were to ever become popular enough for t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.  And in terms of advertising, until I could familiarize myself more with this, I would start with Google Adsense because I think Google is reliable and a good way to start.  However, once I gave myself time to familiarize myself more with advertising, I might consider choosing specific advertisements myself and reaching out to the companies who I feel are the most optimal fit for my blog.