I think that monetizing my own personal blog would be done most effectively by selling a product and/or offering a service. Selling items such as notebooks, planners, etc. would be a great way of keeping people organized in their internships and also engaged in my blog. In terms of offering a service, this would be a great opportunity to offer my own advice or the advice of a professional willing to speak with student interns. It would function like a consultation and allow students to ask questions that they have about the process of interning.

I think this would work best for me as a blogger because my site is mostly used to give other people advice and allow them to learn from the mistakes that I’ve made. I think that I could also benefit from having professionals guest blog for my site. This would excite readers because they’d be consuming something other than what they’re used to and also getting the chance to look at interning from another perspective. For my blog, donations and display ads would probably be the least useful at this time. SEO is also something that I’m more interested in learning about because I think it can really help boost a blog’s views.