Since I am just a beginner blogger, it would be nice to drive some traffic so that my blog is known. My blog is a do it yourself blog. I use sometimes crafts from Michael’s or AC Moore. Or other times I use groceries when I am making food. Therefore, I feel like I could easily monetize a blog by corporate sponsorships/partnerships. I could use the crafts or supplies from that company to make my project, reviewing what I liked and didn’t like about it. One of the tips that I gave for preventing blogging burnout was guest blogging. I would also guest-post for corporate blogs. This is a simple and great way to earn money or even to keep the product for free after use.

Another method of monetizing a blog is PPC which stands for Pay-per-click. This means that advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. This is something that I may plan to do when my blog is settled in and more traffic is driven. My blog is still young and immature; therefore, it would be better if I waited a while to try to make it more presentable where advertisers will WANT to advertise on my blog.

PPI is Pay-per-impression, which is when the blogger pays the advertiser when someone clicks on the ad. This is a good way to get you name out if you have the money. This can be used as a starter. Personally, I would not use this because I am broke right now.