I probably would just stick with just using advertisements on my blog. More specifically, I would try and have advertisements for equipment maybe from big brand names like DICKS sporting goods or tennis warehouse just so the advertisements aren’t completely off topic. I generally probably would not want to monetize my blog even if the readership was fairly large. I feel making a couple of bucks off the side is pretty neat but at the same time I don’t think I would want to take my blog as a serious money making business. Although I am aware that you can make a lot of money off of blogging, I feel that kind of defeats my sole purpose of my blog which is to help people improve their game. I would do this free of charge so I probably would not want to try and make a huge amount of money off my viewers even if my readership was large.

If anything the highest I would go would be to try and sell some of my tennis rackets on my blog but even then I could just use websites like ebay or amazon to do so. There’s just really no need for me to ever really try and monetize my blog in my opinion.