The process in which I would monetize for my blog would definitely start off with donations. To start off I would ask for donations for an idea that people align with. I don’t think starting with ad’s would be smart because ad’s are only useful if you already have a large viewership. No on would click it if no one knows about your blog. I would change my blog style to maybe more original music, so that I could actually sell the music. However, like mentioned before I wouldn’t really try and monetize my blog until I got a more consistent readership. The reason is I wouldn’t want my readers to be bogged down with ad’s when I barely have a readership to begin with. When I have enough leverage (and that is the key word here: leverage) I would start advertising for myself and give a product that is worth buying. However, if i were to do ad’s I would definitely have to focus around music because that’s my audience (itunes, etc.)