Justin Wong, Dan Park

Tips for preventing Burnout

  1. Getting out of the current format of your blog, change it up a little. Avoid repetition and try something new (style, structure etc…)
  2. Change your environment where you type/blog
  3. Space out your posts so you’re not doing catch up in one night so you get more passion and it doesn’t seem like a chore
  4. Search for more ideas online through other blogs and maybe take your spin on these topics
  5. Experiment more with radical stuff like a guest blog post or a live blog post for example.
  6. Add a weekly blog topic (like part 1, part 2 part 3), this way you’ll always have something to write about at least every week
  7. Engage your audience more, comment on their comments and have more discussions
  8. Try and advertise your blog and get your word out there. This will allow for more readership which can promote your passion in a blog because you know you have such a large reader base
  9. Chat with your friends about your blog and maybe have them engage in a discussion to spark new ideas for your blog and any kind of future post
  10. Find a new idea / add on to your blog and see if you can mix the two together to create a more powerful and dynamic experience.