Sukernik, Larry. Personal Interview. 20 October 2014.

I interviewed my friend Larry Sukernik, a successful accounting student and blogger. His blog on larrysukernik.com is well written, and while the posts are usually about technology, not accounting, he feels that having a blog has benefited his career in several ways. It displays his technological savviness, something that business people frequently see to be a plus. Larry says he frequently is asked about the blog on interviews, and it’s a good talking point to get into discussing something that he’s comfortable with and getting a good vibe going with the interviewer. Additionally, the presence of the blog were him apart from other applicants. Blogs are not common in the accounting field, so the presence of one creates interest in the applicant. Why does he have this? Asking the person to an interview would answer that question, and “bam. Now I have an interview, a window into the company.” Larry also feels that the blog has benefitted him personally, it’s changed how he approaches a problem and thinks. When he starts writing, he has a goal, a subject he wants to discuss. But, while the writes out the post and irons out the fact-checking; he finds himself having a different opinion or formatting a differently structured argument. Approaching projects at work in this same manner; creating a goal but being flexible to change as new information is made known, has helped Larry also stand out among a pool of interns at large accounting firms. His projects are more successful and thorough, and while he believes that he would have eventually come to this frame of mind when approaching a problem; Larry also feels that working on the blog has helped him reach this level of thinking sooner rather than later, and it’s pushing his success forward.