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Darlene, Dan, Jade, non-traditional blog

Our non-traditional blog is a support group that is intended to help war veterans who suffer formed from amputation and loss of limbs share their struggles with everyday life, and hopefully get support and advice in return.  A blog like this is beneficial because it allows people to know that they are not the only people struggling with these certain issues in life that not everybody has to deal with.

Our blog is going to have a very patriotic theme, because these people have an obvious pride in their country.  There will be stars and stripes everywhere, and people will be able to share their personal photos, with viewer discretion so that people may or may not look at these images depending on their preference.  There is also going to be limitations as to who is allowed to post on this blog, that way we can avoid trolls who could potentially bring these people down in the one place where they feel like they can receive support.

We feel that one pitfall could be lack of communication.  If a blog-member posts on the blog but does not get any feedback or support on his/her issues, then that person could possibly feel worse about even posting in the first place.  We want our blog to be a site where people do not hesitate to share their experiences or respond to somebody else’s, and we want it to be a way that people can lay their burdens down and share their struggles with other people who would understand.