Group- Hector, Jeremy, Seyvona




A positive nontraditional use of blogging that might be a success would have to be a network blog of felons that have been just released from prison. Coming back into society could be difficult at times especially those that have served long prison time and haven’t seen the outside of cells for a while. Convicts usually re-offense at a 66% rate so being able to cope with different factors could be beneficial. The readers that will have access to the blog would be recent convicts as well as their families. We believe allowing families to see what recently release convicts say or are thinking will allow the families to adjust to their needs. The only people that will have permission to write for the blogs would be ex convicts. Individuals who haven’t been through the criminal justice system haven’t experience the same thing that these convicts have been through. Also we’ll make the blog anonymous so nothing could be tracked back to these individuals in the near future because even if he or she could rehabilitate after prison at some point the individual will have to look for a job, which employers will dig through one’s history.

Hopefully having enough users won’t be a problem because ex-convicts might not want to share their personal experience in prison for many different reasons. For example, an ex-convict might not want to tell his or her story because it will show that the individual is weak. Hence, the blog will have the option in posting anonymous or not. Giving this option will allow ex-convicts to feel welcome to share their story and experiences. The blog will traditional look like a regular blog with a forum to allow users to ask any questions or reflect on certain posts. The blog will be successful by the users who participate in it so maybe rewarding the audience by having giveaways and prizes would be a smart idea. Establishing a connection with the ex-convicts and the audience is the most important aspect of this blog. Well have to plan and be careful that no information or story is leaked out and that the context shared within the blog remains in the blog. The blog won’t be open to the public rather the public will be able to only comment or ask questions referring to different posts.

Everyone could read the blog and we will actually promote it through social medias so more and more convicts could see they have somewhere to turn after prison life.