By Jess, Julianna, Krupal, and Rocky

Our idea for a nontraditional blog is to have our blogger sit in lectures at multiple universities and compare the experiences.  Our blog will have many different pictures about where they are attending the class and the overall environment that they are feeling at the university.  They will blog about how they felt about the professor and evaluating how much they feel the tuition costs which other students are paying is relative to the quality of the lecture and education.  Obviously whoever writes for this blog needs to have enough money to travel across the world to different universities.  We would want our blogger to be a wealthy mother whose child will pursue engineering and wants to know what university will be best for her child.  This blog will appeal to anyone interested in pursuing science-related fields and to other mothers who are looking for inspiration about where their child should go.  Some pitfalls that may not be covered in our blog is that it will not necessarily appeal to anyone who is looking to pursue a liberal arts major such as english, journalism, etc.