If I’m reading a blog that is written by an anonymous person. I wouldn’t be that interested in it. Because all i know is that person might be telling lies or stretching some facts to get readers attention. How do you know if he’s not making stuff up to get back at someone. Also, another reason i wouldn’t read his/her blog is because i wouldn’t have any respect for that person. If he has to make this kind of blog then he/she is a coward. And i don’t like wimps. Let say if it’s blog of that girl, “Washingtonienne” who slept with “Chief of Staff at one of the gov agencies, appointed by Bush”. She’s making a huge deal of this scene, but it’s her fault to. Because they didn’t force her to sleep with them. It was her choice, and if she is really ashamed of this then why didn’t she think of this before sleeping with them. Or she complained when they offered her such a thing. No but she opened her mouth after she slept and got the money. So i think people who have this blog are just idiots who wants attention and can write things that are stretched. Therfore, i wouldn’t read their blogs.