Blogging anonymity is a very important concept that should be discussed more when it comes to this channel of communication. There are magazines, books, and even columns in news papers that are written anonymously. They can be used for a variety of things. It really depends on the context that the blogger is in, I would not want a blogger talking about specific people in his/her life while he/she is anonymous and they aren’t I feel like that is hypocritical and cowardly. If the people were given pseudonyms then I would not mind really.

When someone is anonymous in their blog they do not have to worry about erroneous information or the integrity of their work. They do not have to be responsible for what they post. At least if you had your name in a blog people would link you to your blog and know if you are serially posting misinformation. An anonymous blogger can do whatever they want and even open up another blog with nothing linked to their name so they can freely start again. There is no journalistic integrity because they do not have to be held to their previous work. They can simply just move on.

There may even be some mistrust when reading a blog who remains anonymous all the time. They don’t want to share their name so maybe they are lying about something. It kind of ruins a personal connection with the blogger because you can only read text anyway, missing another social component could have some compromising affects on the readers. It could be a more genuine response because they do not need to filter themselves they can be a lot more honest. It allows you to judge based on content rather than what the person looks like or other personal information about them like where they are. People can get hung up on small little details instead of the overarching message.

On the flip side, if they need to remain anonymous maybe they really do have something to hide, like someone in a high place does not want truthful information to get out. This would fall under the whistle blower category where they are trying to release information but safely. Maybe some health standards in a work environment are unsanitary/not safe and the corporate protocol to whistle blow is a sure fire way to get fired. There is a necessary need to remain anonymous in certain situations.

An anonymous blog site, called Fearlessblogging.com. Pretty much embodies the point of why people want to remain anonymous. They just want privacy and to be honest about their content, without having their personal lives in danger from any type of repercussion. This website can talk about pretty risque things and pretty much thrives off of it. It’s title fearless blogging, is for those who want just that. Its not for everybody but for those who want it, its there.