Seo, K. (2012). Using social media effectively in the classroom: Blogs, wikis, twitter, and more. New York, NY: Routledge.

In this book, the author discusses many different avenues in which online components are weaved into the curriculum of those studying in the classroom. Between blogs, wikis, Twitter, Second Life and other social media platforms, this book aims to showcase how an online presence in the classroom can benefit the learning habits of those in the class. I think that the most valuable part of this book will be the section titled “Teaching Successfully with Social Media”. In this chapter, the author analyzes Twitter, Online Video and Microblogging.

The viewpoint of those that contributed to the teachings of this book is that online resources can empower students in their class work. More specifically, they write, “With highly accessible, network-based mechanisms, these technologies are more than ever empowering students to create, customize, and share content online” (Seo). A little help from the Internet and all that it has to offer will allow students to further excel in their studies. The idea is that social media will “enrich” their journey to academic success. What I like about this book is that it’s written for teachers instructing any class level. Although my paper will focus on college-level courses, it’s important to understand the foundation of teaching with a social media component on any level.