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With the development of the internet over the years, people have the option to sign up for websites or use the internet without ever revealing their own identity. boy-shh

When a blogger remains anonymous, I believe two sides can be taken when it comes to the audience being reached and their reactions to an anonymous blog. Some may find entertainment out of it, following along with someone who is blogging about their daily life or blogging about a specific area in their life that they would rather anonymously share than let everyone know who they are. The other stance I believe people may take is discrediting the blog and finding it to be invalid.

I believe that those who are anonymous bloggers may choose that path for protection and privacy. In this day and age, everything is held against you and people are always looking you up and searching for information on you. Constantly searching information about others makes it difficult to use a blog without consequences, thus anonymity becomes appealing.

If I was reading an anonymous blog, I believe that I could find entertainment out of it, but I would always question if it was valid. When I am told certain stories in real life interactions, I still find myself doubting bits and pieces or not knowing whether the person talking is in fact telling the truth. Once on the internet, I may believe that someone wants to have an alternate persona that they feel comfortable only releasing to the internet. In that case, I am not sure if I can trust the source.

While searching for an anonymous blog on google, I stumbled across many websites that allow you to create your own anonymous blog relating to whatever you are feeling. I think one scary aspect of an anonymous blog is that if you are giving a cry for help, no one will necessarily know who you are to provide you with that help. You can comment and follow along with the blogger, but in reality, I believe they need support in real life on top of the online support if something is wrong.