Anonymous blogs have a certain mystery element and feeling of uncertainty associated with them. Like anonymous sources in journalistic pieces, anonymity decreases my level of trust with the writer or producer. It’s sometimes hard for me to feel invested in something that does not openly identify a main source. I haven’t read an anonymous blog yet, but I would definitely be more hesitant to trust all that the writer is saying.

When searching for anonymous blogs on the Internet, I came across “Taxi Tales“, which hosts a series of stories from a cab driver’s perspective. After reading an anonymous blog, I still feel the same way. I am hesitant to trust whether or not this person is actually a cab driver and if these stories are even real! I do think that there is some truth to what is being said, but who knows how much fabrication there is to each post? When an author is established, there’s a sense of trust that’s built between the reader and author. Images and videos in the posts help make the content more realistic. Though we cannot see the actual author in any of the posts, secondary images establish authenticity to a degree. Overall, anonymity definitely does affect the way that I read blogs, books or other materials.