When a blogger is anonymous I definitely think that I would feel some type of disconnect from the writer. I wouldn’t feel as close to the writer like I would if the blogger’s identity was known. I would like to know who is writing the material that I am reading or put a face to the words. It is always nice to know who or what a person is about. I think that would also make me enjoy the blog more. It would be really difficult to form some type of relationship with the blogger or get attached if I didn’t know the identity of the person. It also has a lot to do with the content as well. Depending on what the blog is about I don’t think knowing the identity is that important. In a weird way I think that not knowing the identity would drive me to read the blog often with the hopes of the blogger one day saying who he or she really is. I am the type of person that once I need or want to know something I have to find out or it will eat me up inside.