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When a blogger writes anonymously, it affects the way I read the blog because to me, what they’re writing seems more honest. If someone were to blog about something but not put their identity on it, it seems to me as if they want to share every raw detail of their experiences or thoughts without having to face any repercussions or judgments from friends and family. So with that being said, I am more likely to read the posts and take into consideration what they are saying. Personally, I have a private blog that is password protected where I write about things that I’ve experienced and any thoughts or feelings I have and I think that blogging anonymously is almost equivalent. In essence, having an anonymous identity is kind of like password protecting the blog. Either way, the blogger is trying to protect himself or herself but with blogging anonymously, there is an added benefit of hearing others share their thoughts and opinions or their own experiences. All in all, I would probably be more attentive when reading an anonymous blog than an ordinary blog because with an anonymous blog, it seems like there’s something so important being said that the person can’t reveal their identity.