Remaining anonymous will affect different readers of blogs differently from one reader to the next. Personally, I enjoy reading blogs without knowing who wrote it because it allows my thoughts to go in whatever direction as I wish. Instead of reading what the blogger might think and following his or her direction I actually like not knowing much. Not knowing anything won’t affect my reading mainly because I’ll enjoy the freedom of being able to take the thoughts/ideas of the blogger and incorporate it into my beliefs. Even though there are disadvantages of not personally knowing who wrote the blogs like not being able to communicate or contact the indidivual  I feel you could get away with that at certain times and it isn’t such a big deal.

The freedom behind the thought process allows an individual to think what he or she wants. Being anonymous isn’t always a bad thing and people usually do it in order to obtain as many followed without getting into trouble for it. For example, how we talked about the waiter and how he couldn’t post where he was located along with his post so he could keep his identity a secret. Certain blogs are the reasons why people become anonymous because usually if the indivdual isn’t he or she could find themselves getting into trouble. It also creates a boundary between the audience(readers) and the actual blogger which could be beneficial towards the blogger. Hence, we won’t imply any bias statements or thoughts so reading posts with an open mind will avoid being judgmental.