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Sometimes when you are reading a blog, you come to realize that the writer of the blog is anonymous.  There could be many reasons as to why somebody decides to remain anonymous on their blog, but does their decision affect their readers?

I feel that knowing who your writer is makes their work more realistic for the reader; depending on the content of course.  The blogs that we went over in class today tended to be about sex and promiscuous activity.  Natural curiosity would cause somebody to want to know who the writer is of a blog like this.  But many times, the case is that you don’t know who the writer is.

If I were reading a blog about a book or product that I was interested in trying out, then the fact of whether or not the writer was anonymous would be important to me.  If I am looking for opinions on a book, I would probably read blogs from girls my own age, assuming that we deal with similar day to day issues as a young female adult in this world, and would be able to have a similar understanding of certain subjects.  If I read a blog that was written by a 50 year old man about a book that he loved, that does not necessarily mean I am going to have the same opinion giving that we are two completely different types of people.

This could go for subjects other than books as well.  The personal issues I deal with as a 22 year old girl in this world could be very similar to many other 22 year old girls in this world.  Giving that everybody lives different lives, and there are certainly girls my age who would not deal with similar issues as myself depending on their personality and home-life, I feel that it is safe to say there are more than a handful who do.

Anonymity can affect the reader negatively when they are looking for an opinion on a certain product etc., but anonymity can also be intriguing to people as well.  As I said earlier, when reading a scandalous blog you are naturally driven to find out who the person is that wrote it.  When you can’t find that out, you get a little upset, but it brings a sense of mysteriousness to the blog and would probably drive many people to go back and read more.