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As a personal stand I prefer to read blogs in which the blogger does not fin their identity.   Though I understand why some people want to or have to blog anonymously those types of blogs usually don’t interest me. Most of the blogs I read are either food, mommy/nanny, or the occasional beauty blog and so there is no reason for anonymity.  I like these kinds of blogs because you can still get a taste of who the person really is while having a face or name to link it to. I tend to wonder is a blogger is anonymous if they are really speaking their mind or if they are creating a whole new identity. I do understand the need for anonymity if you are living in a country unlike ours but if you are here I feel like it could be different. I think that people should feel a responsibility for what they post whether it’s anonymous or not, and I don’t feel like many anonymous bloggers in our country at least feel that. It is because of the sense of responsibility of attaching your name to it that I for the most part read blogs where the writers identity is known.