When a blogger chooses to remain anonymous, I definitely believe that it impacts how I read the blog.  First of all, I tend to find myself more curious about the blogger in terms of why they want their identify to be hidden.  I find myself wondering what is it about them that they want to conceal from their readers and why.  Although I can understand why some people might feel disconnected when a blogger posts anonymously, I think that it often adds more intrigue to whatever they’re saying because you don’t know who exactly it’s coming from.  Therefore, I sometimes find myself more attached to the anonymous bloggers because in certain instances I can relate to their feeling of wanting to discuss certain topics but not necessarily wanting my name to be attached to it.  However, with anonymous bloggers I prefer when they do eventually reveal their identity because I believe that it’s very important that no matter how you feel about a topic despite how controversial your stance may seem, you should not hide behind an anonymous identity forever.