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I honestly do not care if a blogger remains anonymous.

In my opinion, the only instance when I would care if I blatantly know that the blogger is talking about me. However, as it was mentioned in class if you are in public there are certain behaviors that obviously one should refrain from doing. Also, I feel like I wouldn’t care that much even if the blogger was talking about me because it’s mind over matter. I shouldn’t care about something that I don’t find it true.

I know that I, personally, had an anonymous Tumblr that nobody could see. The purpose of that was because I wanted to let things out without hurting someone’s feelings. It served as an outlet for me. It wasn’t to bash on anybody, but it was solely for my eyes. I mean if somebody really did want to go anonymous I believe they could use that method. Otherwise, I feel like even though people go anonymous but they make it available to the world is because they want to garner support.

For example, someone with depression may go anonymous and post everyday of something that makes them depressed. Those who can relate would comment, like, retweet, and etc. The fact that somebody is interested in them or feels the same way could prevent someone with depression from committing an act.

Therefore, anonymous blogging would not really affect my reading unless it is geared specifically and only to me. I think anonymous blogging is great for people who are shy. It also shows that the blogger is responsible in case repercussions do exist when putting his or her name out.