I don’t think it would affect my reading of a blog too much if the blogger chose to be anonymous. However, I would definitely paint a picture in my mind of how I imagine the blogger to be. I would not avoid reading a blog because of an anonymous author. I think it would be intriguing to read about someone’s “secrets.” That being said, my interest all depends on the topic and content being presented on a particular blog. I don’t really check to see if a blogger is anonymous or known when I begin reading a blog. But if I got really interested in the content and blog and wanted to know more about it, it could potentially be frustrating to deal with a blogger who refuses to admit their identity.

One example of an anonymous blog is Babe Walker, or possibly better known as “#WhiteGirlProblems.” The writing is very tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating, while painting the picture of this glamorous (albeit entitled) socialite character. However, as the blog is run by basically a mythical creature, it’s hard to know sometimes whether it’s meant seriously or not. I personally never take it seriously, though I’m sure there are others who do. This can be slightly problematic with anonymous blogs.