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O’Reilly, Alison. “‘Sorry to Hear You Tried to Kill Urself… next Time Finish It’: One Young Woman’s Harrowing Account of How Cyber-bullies Pushed Her to Breaking Point.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 29 Sept. 2012. Web. 16 Nov. 2014.

The internet continues to expand everyday, with new sites that all attempt to garner as many users as possible to profit off the site. These new sites includes Bebo, a social networking site that gives the user a variety of things to do – blog, post pictures/videos, chat with friends and more. Unfortunately, the freedom that comes with this site enables users to abuse their privileges. Throughout her teen years, Ciara Pugsley was harassed to the point where she attempted suicide multiple times. Fortunately she lived through those attempts but unfortunately, she committed suicide in the end. What is scary about Ciara’s situation is that after the people who were bullying her found out that she had attempted suicide and failed, they continued to harass her even more saying “sorry to hear you tried to kill urself… next time finish it ;)”. Most of the time we think that if teens see the consequences of their actions, they rethink their actions. However, the girls harassing Ciara didn’t learn from the possible consequences and kept up their malevolent behavior.