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David Crandall, Srinivas Rao. Blog to Book Deal: How They Did It. BlogCast FM, 2012.

This book outlines the process of going from writing your blog to writing your book with a deal. It is separated into three parts that the two authors, Rao and Crandall, think are important issues to address when talking about getting a book deal as a blogger. They first talk about bloggers who have bridged the gap and how to become a bestselling author. The second part talks about making marketing plans that will actually work and will get you where you want to be. The final part talks about beating the odds, the process of going from a blog to a book, and being authentic.

I think this is an incredibly useful source for me. It solidifies many of the things I have read in my other sources, and concretely defines the process. I believe this source is reliable because it is written by two people who know the subject well and provide many other examples of bloggers who have done it as well. The goal of the source is to teach the reader how to use their blog to get a book deal.

I think I will use this source to back up my other sources. This source has so much information I think it will go well into all facets of my argument. This source was helpful to my research and to my personal goal of becoming a published author. I think this is one of the most helpful sources I have found all semester.