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With my cooking blog The Dinner Dabbler, I do feel that it could fit into a blog network.  There are cooking blogs everywhere, and everyday people are looking up new recipes, causing a lot of traffic online within cooking and recipe blogs.  I would consider joining a network, but not just yet.  I feel that my blog would need a little bit more content first and some editing within the context and visual aspect before considering joining a network.  I feel my blog would go well with blogher or any other sort of life blog that has a cooking and baking segment.  This blogging network is not based only off of cooking, so there are other things that somebody could look at while on the blog.  For example, there is a style section and a news section, which both raise interest in me.  This blog has a variety of different blog posts that people can refer to when looking to read about something a little bit different form their own blog for a bit.