I think it would be a good idea to be in a network of bloggers. It is an interesting experience that vastly differs than freelance or solo blogging. You get to make relationships with people you otherwise would never have known. Meeting new people is a great thing, meeting new people from blogging seems like a novel way of making friends. It’d be interesting to see how you could make friends with someone you haven’t met in person. Being part of a network means being included in part of a large process which I’m sure is a good feeling. When I blog I know that I’m the only one really monitoring it. If I was in a network I know that a few other peers would check out my work as well.

Blogs, especially ones that are just starting out don’t have much traffic. It is hard to get a good following when you have no credibility or fans really. A blog network could help with this because it could be a an already well known blog network. Being part of a network is an accomplishment. It means that someone wants you to write for them and they think people actually want to read your writing. I would think of it as an honor and would definitely do it if there was a monetary incentive.

This is a great way of learning new things. You may learn more about what your blogging topic is (if you have a specific one). You can learn how to optimize your space and posts. I’m sure there is a lot of tips and tricks that can make your posts more visually appealing or ways to get more viewers by changing some simple things that I know I have no idea to look for. Its things like that, that can help blogs thrive in a short time and being part of a network will help that.

I think the bloggers in my hypothetical network would support each other by reading, commenting, and critiquing each others blog and giving positive, or constructive criticism to each other. I feel that peer review is a great way to get constructive criticism. I’m not necessarily sure where I would fit in because I don’t really follow blogging networks but I would like to do one that involved nature or a similar topic.

Blogging networks are a pretty cool and interesting way of blogging. There is a lot of things it can help with and gives opportunities you don’t normally have. I think my blog would be able to fit well with like a Nat Geo blog. That would be fun and they usually grant trips to interesting places. I know that is a very tough market to get into but I’d be great if I could do it.