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Whether or not I consider joining a blog network is currently an ambiguous question considering there are no medical blog networks. I do not think joining a purely technologically based network would benefit the blog because I discuss topics beyond pure technology, including from mental health, research awareness, and problems that premedical students encounter. If I could picture a network of blog that did fit with mine, a network of medically oriented students who wish to comment on the field we’re going into, I imagine it would be hard to work in this environment. There is a specific type of hyper-competitive personality that wants to become a doctor, and this personality tends to not work well in groups. Networks require groups to trust and rely on each other; and in a group of people competing for spots in medical school, sabotage would be inevitable. That is not to say that collaborative efforts are impossible, just that the level of trust needed to have a network is not doing. Blogs similar to mine would collaborate better through methods such as guest blogging, or a blog with no more than three editors with a businesslike relationship.