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As we all know blogging is not one of the easiest things to do. Especially when it comes to connecting with your audience and keeping them engaged. The two articles,  “Research reveals popularity of live blogging” by Roy Greenslade and “The dangers of unverified content & tips living blogging disasters” by Katy Torgovnikov opened my eyes to how beneficial it can be but also what to look out for while doing it.


Apparently, live blogging is one of the most effective ways to get people to participate in your blog. The numbers that it is doing over the typical “online article” blog are ridiculous. I mean that in a good way. The first article pointed out that live blogs are getting 300% more views. One of the reasons being because they provide more of a breaking news aspects rather than summarizing. Live blog sessions can last up to several hours at a time. It is a fast pace process that keeps writers on their toes.

It is very easy to get caught up in the idea of live blogging and how great it is. Many participants do not realize that the information may not be very factual. The information that is being received is not so reliable because of the fact that the writer is doing continuos posting. Therefore he/she may not have time to check if the information they are putting out is accurate. The crazy part about all of this is that the reader doesn’t really care too much about that. According the article “readers feel that live blogs are less opinionated and ‘more factual’ than traditional articles written with care after an event”. I found that difficult to understand because it seems so backwards. Wouldn’t you think a post that someone can spend more time on is more factual?

images-1Readers enjoy the idea of live blogging more because it is happening in front of their very eyes. People love the idea of being involved with something or watching it happen. Live blogging gives an audience the chance “to follow the unfolding of a story on a single page and can see how it develops “. I personally think it is great because many people can become connected and discuss one topic. Although, it does get a little tricky when it comes to using hashtags. One thing that the article “The dangers of unverified content & tips living blogging disasters” mentioned to do is to create a hashtag that is significant to your audience. There have been plenty of cases where common hashtags have been used but are not related to the same live blog feed. With hashtags you also have to be mindful that it will generate repetition. I know that when I am on twitter and I see the same thing over and over again it can be pretty annoying. As a writer you should be mindful of that and how it may happen impact your readers. I really like the idea of live blogging specifically because it can keep you updated and because it happens at a fast pace. When any type of breaking news happens it is easy to get connected to what is going on.