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I don’t think I would consider joining a blogging network mostly because I generally like to be solo and not be associated with other blogs but I can definitely imagine what it would like to be in one. I would either like a general sports network blog or just a tennis exclusive one would be perfectly fine. We could all support each other with like hot tips and maybe even do guest posts or duo posts together which could be very fun. I also do really like the expertise and administration aspects of the network. I honestly feel I don’t spend as much time on the visual appearance and other technical aspects of my blog so having people being able to handle that for me would be really great because then I can just focus on the writing. I also feel that having a lot of other tennis bloggers could spark conversations between us all in terms of tennis talk and general tips. Overall, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to join a network blog but I really feel like just working alone with my blog because that’s just generally how I like to approach things.