I think it would be beneficial to join a blogging network with other lifestyle bloggers who could potentially draw more traffic to my site. Similar to the guest blogging, it’s an interesting way of getting your name out there to help readers find you.

I’m not exactly sure if this counts but I participate in WordPress’s Daily Post prompts and I feel like that could be considered an informal blogging network. Bloggers who consistently participate show up on their blog everyday so they become more recognizable. You usually see a lot of the same bloggers day after day. In this regard, it feels very much like a network.

If I were to join a more formal blogging network, I’d want it to be a very broad multi-dimensional network because I don’t consider my personal blog to be very focused. I would like to be a part of a network that values the multiple dimensions of my blog and helps attract the diverse audience that I’m in the process of building.

By joining a blogging network with other bloggers, I’d open doors to new guest-bloggers, inspiration, and affiliation. I see a number of added benefits but no real cost other than the time it takes to join. I’m not sure if there’s ongoing work involved with being included in such a network but if there isn’t, I can’t think of any good reason why I shouldn’t try to get involved in some. It seems like an excellent way to expand my readership and to befriend fellow bloggers.