Blogging networks are definitely beneficial for those that become accepted and join them. I would consider joining a blogging network if I were posting content more regularly. Right now, I don’t think that I post content enough to consider myself worthy of a spot in a blogging network. But that doesn’t mean that I’d count it out! It could potentially serve as motivation to keep my blog going. Joining a blogging network would inspire me to continue writing. If I did pursue this, I would want to join a blogging network that focuses on internships. It would provide advice, share insight and shed a light on the way internships are obtained. Bloggers within the network would support each other with comments and fresh posts. I would personally be encouraged to blog by the support of other bloggers. If people are commenting on my posts, I am more likely to push out new content. It would be motivating to see other people posting content that interests me. I think it would provide a lot of opportunity to write spin-off posts or other content inspired by what various bloggers users have posted.