1. When bloggers receive free items from companies, they should disclose it if the company is ok with that. If the company does not want the blogger to reveal the fact that they sent the item to the blogger, then the blogger doesn’t have to say anything.

2. Bloggers, like journalists, should be responsible for fact-checking to avoid spreading false information. If a company send you a product to write about, you don’t want to say anything that could be inaccurate or misleading.

3. The Pen Addict is a blog aimed at reviewing different pens and how they write. The website has a “sponsor” section where pen companies can sign up to sponsor. During that time, they can send free pens, have a website displayed on his blog, and receive a thank you post thanking them for sponsoring his blog at the end of the week.


This blog has been updated for years and continues to post pen reviews, videos, and podcasts. Regarding disclosure, the Pen Addict posts a message at the end of each post stating who sponsored it and concludes each week with a thank you message to the sponsor.

The blogger also set up a page dedicated to the sponsors where you can read more about who they are and which products represent.

By Rocky, Krupal, Juliana