My blog is media related with many different topics coming together to provide readers with interesting material. In my blog I can write about different topics ranging from media, beauty tips, music, fashion, celebrity gossip, and hot spots. I mainly relate my posts from a college student’s perspective. I would like to join a blogging network. I think my blog could work well with either the Popsugar Select blog or the Blog Her blog. Both blogs provide readers with different topics related to women lifestyle. I feel like I could incorporate some of my blogging ideas into those networks perfectly. I would enjoy to write about anything within those blogs, but I would choose a main topic to focus in on. I would most likely choose, either the fashion or the entertainment portion of the blogs. Those two specific sections are ones that I enjoy the most because in my personal blog I like to relate my posts to myself. I like to either try that new fashion trend or attend that hot spot. Looking through each of the blogs I’ve come to the conclusion that I would prefer the PopSugar blog because of the format. I think the PopSugar blog has more of an appealing format that I would enjoy to contribute to. I think it would be interesting to incorporate not only a women’s perspective within this blog network, but a college woman’s perspective.