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I think that joining a blogging network would be really beneficial for my blog. I think there are so many music blogs out there that are similar yet different from my own blog. They may be similar in blog style or in taste of music but these same blogs could also be more focused on different types of music within the same ‘taste’ of music. There is a lot to discover and becoming part of a music blog network would enable readers to experience all these different types of blogs in one place – allowing them to discover many different artists. I think that if I were to join a music blog network, it would increase my readership because through just one network, they are able to discover so many varieties of blogs and a very general music type that they enjoy. Within the network, bloggers would be able to promote each other either by mentioning the other blogs or linking to the blog directly. This could be very beneficial because readers are able to access all the different blogs through the network and the bloggers themselves would be able to learn more about other types of music or blog styles and what elements garner the most views or largest audience.