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So, as you all know my blog is the crafts that I make for myself or others. I honestly would not join a blogging network. I feel as if my works of art are very personal. Of course, it can give other people ideas; however, I feel as if you can search up better ideas on the Web. Honestly speaking, I get most of my ideas from the Web and I feel like with the topic “DIY” unless you have something poppin’ or unique it is all basically the same. Whereas in fashion, everyone’s taste is different and that is what makes people want to explore fashion blogs.

There are several blogging networks that are for DIY such as craft gossip, diy network, Pinterest, and so much more. I would most likely fit in Pinterest, but even then on Pinterest you see so many repeated DIY. Also, when people do click on the crafts on Pinterest they mostly just skip to how they make it rather than reading the whole thing. I noticed that because I do it myself sometimes. Using the widgets and mentioning the similar bloggers would definitely be supportive. When writing on my blog, I write for myself. Therefore, I plan to not be a part of the blogging network.