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Blog networks connect blogs that contain similar contain and have similar aims, as well as connect blogs under the same company. Revenue received from advertising is increased through these networks.

I believe that being a consistent blogger on your own can get difficult from time to time and staying motivated to produce something that your dedicated readers will enjoy can be tough. Through a blog network, a support is provided by those who target similar topics on their blog. In order to enhance my blogging experience, I believe that I would join a blogging network. Making it easier on the set up of the blog, I would have others who are much more skilled in certain areas backing me, which would help me focus on writing. A blog network would expand my audience, which would also help me continue to write posts religiously. Also, being a business major, I would not mind an increased revenue because of higher traffic for my blog.

Sticking to the blog concept I currently have, I would like to discuss current events told through social media on a blog network. Exchanging healthy debates on what is right and what is wrong or how to approach certain situations would be interesting to me and interesting to have other takes on similar topics through my network. Having a support system where other bloggers call out things that are not right or that are insensitive makes a stronger network against harsh internet debates. It also would provide reasons to keep blogging and spreading the word on being aware.