I think that joining a blogging network could possibly be something that I will end up doing. I think that these networks are becoming extremely legitimate and a career worth pursuing. I love writing articles and having personal posts, and to be paid to do so would be amazing.

I would love to work for two different types of networks: either a music network or a sports network. Music is my favorite thing in the world, so to write about it wouldn’t even a problem or work. Since it is such a broad topic and widely used source for a lot of different networks, I don’t think finding a specific network to fit my style would be that difficult.

I would see it more of a personal type posting. Listening and building off other music lovers and musicians. Garnering knowledge, and sharing different perspectives and new types of sounds. In a friendly environment, and an environment that shares the same perspective with music, I think that the network would thrive because of the vast possibilities you could do with music