“ZenHabits : Breathe.” Zenhabits RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Nov. 2014. <http://zenhabits.net/get-off-your-butt-16-ways-to-get-motivated-when-youre-in-a-slump/&gt;.

This article talks about creating healthy habits in a morning routine and how to go about establishing them. I think this website stands out in particular because the points that are discussed are extremely realistic. It suggests advice that any ordinary person could take.

The website talks about the various options ranging from setting one goal to squashing negative thoughts for the sake of making space for positive ones. The advice given in this post really makes a point.

I would like to use this source to describe various ways that people can incorporate blogging into their everyday routine. These tips encourage motivation which is the only way to make the routine stick and to avoid burn-out. The various strategies discussed in the blog post remind you of why you’re blogging and of what your end goal is. As I read through the article, I felt as though I could personally relate to the ideas the author discussed. Because of how practical the suggestions are, I think it sets the bar for setting realistic expectations and sustaining motivation.