Ashley, Dan, Justin, and Jade

We feel like it depends on the situation on whether or not the blogger should disclose information on any free products received. If a blogger is given a free product we feel there are conditions that come with that free product. The blogger might have to promote the free product or give some type of review. There may be a written agreement between the company and a blogger or the company may just be giving a sample of a new product with the intention of hopefully gaining exposure through that blogger’s readership.

We feel that bloggers should be held accountable for fact checking but not to the extent of a journalist. Journalist provide more factual based information to readers, while bloggers provide a mixture of facts and opinion. Bloggers should contain some type of factual based information depending on the specific blog, but for the most part blogs are laid back while journalists posts are more structured.

We found a shoe blog, KickGenius, that blogs about different performance (basketball) shoes. This blog also has a video blog component on YouTube. In blogging about shoes they have received different performance shoes and/or gear for free. They do not have a shoe brand loyalty, so that allows them to provide readers with the best review, within their perspecitive, of any given performance shoe and/or gear. They do mention any free shoes and/or gear when they receive them, however the conflict arrises when they do not stick to those specific brands. That is definitely a conflict for anyone receiving a free product.